Monday, January 3, 2011

Aviary Beta Education Version - Cloud Based Web Apps

Aviary a popular web based suite of tools for creating images, vector graphics, audio and music recordings has released their beta education version. The education version of Aviary allows teachers to create a private classroom suite of tools that their students can use on any computer, netbook, etc that is Adobe Flash capable (sorry iPad users). The interface is clean, professional looking, and advertising free. Those of you that have used Kerpoof with smaller children will welcome the cleaner streamlined interface. Aviary eliminates the distractions of some of the competing education focused web based tools. Aviary provides a nice introduction to drawing and editing interfaces that are typically found in similar professional and prosumer level tools.

If you’re and educator, you can request your beta education account at:

Aviary Education Version from John Patten on Vimeo.

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