Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Students will...

(The following are student activities to address objectives and goals as they relate to 1:1 computing in K12. Specifically in the current draft, to address grade 6 next year.)

Students will...

  • take ownership of the device for the entire year.
  • access digital resources.
  • publish to an audience larger than their teacher.
  • share information.
  • collaborate with others.
  • contribute to the collective understanding.
  • collect a body of their work, electronically.
  • submit assignments, electronically.
  • access content targeted to their interests.
  • connect to events around the world.
  • contact primary sources.
  • communicate in multiple formats.
  • extend their learning day.
  • show evidence of their learning.
  • connect their parents to the school and their efforts.
  • share device with parents for parent education.
  • create content designed to be shared with others and to promote learning.
  • demonstrate keyword and Boolean search routines on the Internet, and evaluate results.
  • demonstrate a knowledge of copyright, be able to cite information in their own work, and have the opportunity to publish their own content to the greater body of knowledge.
  • use interactive ebooks and multimedia resources to explore literature and standards.
  • share strategies their teacher has modeled in class for staying safe in the real world and the digital world.
  • model proper and safe behavior with each other in class through lessons that require them to collaborate together and demonstrate best practices.
  • explore the use of social media tools, understand the concepts of social etiquette online, copyright and sharing, and how to safely use technology to further their interests.
  • be able to identify locations in their community via digital maps, and understand the relationship of their community to the larger world around them.
  • be able to describe community organizations, businesses, museums, art galleries, schools, government based on multimedia resources shared by their teacher.
  • be able to understand and share data about their community population based on data collected by community and government.
  • create blogs about a community organization and share information about those organizations, the needs they address and the services they provide.
  • be able to share aspects of stories, videos, recordings shared by their teacher that contain problems and solutions.
  • be able to describe the action story characters take to solve problems.
  • be able to solve simulated problems utilizing technology and problem solving strategies (seek collaboration, locate experts, build teams, define the problem, ask questions, etc.)
  • be able to analyze past real world events (history/Literature) and identify the characteristics of strategies used to develop a solution.
  • be able to identify current real world problems, use technology and problem solving strategies to develop a solution, and share out their process and solution.
  • allow parents to see portfolio and electronically subscribe to their child’s portfolio.
  • allow parents to receive targeted parent education on their digital device.
  • allow parents to view district systems on their digital device.
  • record school events and performances for parents who miss events due to work.
  • interact in classroom dialogue by contributing in non-threatening learning environments.
  • receive feedback from teacher without being singled out or embarrassed.
  • incorporate the arts, design, music, visual arts, photography into their demonstrations of learning.
  • understand logic and procedural thinking using app development examples.
  • access their work from any location with Internet access.
  • allow their parents to login to parent portal via their device.
  • communicate about school to parents supported by the device
Compare the above student activities with the CommonCore State Standards beginning at slide 18, 

Do the activities above support the CCSS in the slide deck?

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