Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Parents Today - The Lost Generation in Learning and Schools?

In my opinion, our new world environment has changed the demands put forth on education to adequately prepare our children for their future.The education of our children is our community’s responsibility. Particular members of that community shoulder more responsibility, as I believe they should. One key component of this community are our parents. The generation today that is our current parents could be thought of as the “lost” generation as it relates to school and learning. Why? They did not grow up with technology and they attended schools where, for the most part, technology was relegated to “words per minute” and Microsoft Office skills. They have no foundation for how technology is used in today’s learning environments, and because of this, are at a loss for supporting their children’s efforts in addressing problems and solutions that require tools and strategies that are foreign to them. I’m also inclined to believe, from my experience, that this weakness crosses all socioeconomic and cultural lines. It is not just a problem for minorities or folks in low socioeconomic environments. It is a problem for the 99%. What can we do to support these key stakeholders, our parents, in our evolving education system to ultimately support success and lifelong learning skills in their children?