Thursday, March 20, 2008

Using the "Lesson" Activity in Moodle

The Lesson activity in Moodle has often been overlooked due to the fact teachers think it is difficult to use. The Lesson activity allows teachers to construct online instructional resources that include differentiated instruction based on how students interact with the learning content within the lesson. This is simply achieved by providing "checking for understanding" opportunities embedded directly with in the Moodle Lesson activity. These strategies are typically questions students answer while progressing through the Lesson activity. In the video below, I attempt to explain how this Moodle activity can be used in the classroom to promote both the content and the communications skills of our students.

Warning! The video is 6 minutes long, and is 45MB in size. If you have slow connection to the Internet, you may want to jump right to the tutorials below the video.

If the video does not appear above this text, click this link (This link requires QuickTime player from Apple. You can download it here.

Creating a Lesson Activity on Moodle

1. Setting up Groups on Moodle and Adding Students to the Groups

2. What Does A Lesson Activity Look Like? (Preview of a vocabulary example)

3. Part I - Creating the Lesson in Moodle

4. Adding a Question to the Lesson

5. Add a Second Question to the Lesson

6. How it Appears to the Student

The example above is a very basic example of the Moodle Lesson activity. With more time and a little more creativity a lot more can be done with the Lesson activity.

I encourage you to try it out with your students and if you have any questions don't hesitate to shoot me an email or post your question to the blog.